About me

I am an artist and maker of contemporary baskets rooted in and inspired by traditional techniques. My current work includes coiled baskets, wall pieces and some wearable basketry items. I live and work in Monmouthshire, Wales.

I have a particular interest in using plant fibres that I either gather in my local environment or grow myself. I enjoy combining these natural fibres with repurposed synthetic marine debris which I collect from local welsh beaches. By repurposing the found materials of the endless plastic pollution of humanity and exploring the juxtaposition between the synthetic and the natural I hope to raise awareness of this ongoing issue.

I predominantly use coiled basketry techniques, employing various stitching methods to sew the spiralled fibres of the core together. Exploring the play of colour, lines of stitching and the texture of fibres is fascinating to me and my work often crosses over into what I think of as textile baskets. Rhythm and process are integral to the way I work when searching for, gathering and preparing natural plant fibres. 

I sell my work via galleries, local shops, social media, take commissions and teach; I welcome collaborations with other artists and makers.